Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out on...

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Candace here (as always). I have been on vacation and am so sorry we have missed you all for the past few days! We've been working so hard on getting the funding to start our online shopping site (expect a super awesome kickstarter video soon) that we all decided it was time to take a short break.

For weeks so much coffee has been keeping us going. Melanie, Kari, and I decided when we have our beautiful new office we will have the best personal coffee mugs. It may be silly to find self expression in such simple things but I also think it is way awesome and beyond cute. As we had a breakfast meeting together the other morning at J&M Cafe we took a test run since they let you choose your own mugs at their self serve coffee station. (By the way if you are a Portland native or are ever visiting we all highly reccomend this place, so good!)

Tomorrow we will be back on track with oh so many lovely retail posts! See you then!

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