Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Empire | According to Instagram

Spring brings change, yes? We have lots of new and exciting things going on around the shop as of late. Spring has been very good to us. We all love the sunshine. We know how to appreciate rain here in Portland but nothing beats a beautiful sunny day! Here's just some fun shots of what it's been like around here.

We got rid of the photobooth. It was for the best but it still feels a little empty upfront without it. 

We're trying out a new window display. You like?

Some new cards we just got in. We got a lot more, but these are two of my favorites.

Spring gifts!

Our fish champ. He's been loving Spring too.

Sunshine has been good for biking to work.

Lime tree is making some good looking limes.

Our records are soon going to have a new home! We're working on putting a listening station where the photobooth was so you guys can listen to them before you buy. Makes saying goodbye to the photobooth a little more sweet.

And that's about it! Hope you all are having a wonderful start of Spring too!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Across The Sea.

I am really excited about these new cards we just got in from Buy Olympia! They are blank and come with a blank CD!! How awesome is that? Excuse me while I have a nostalgic moment. My junior high/ high school days were spent making mixed CDs.

You can put music, pictures, or whatever your heart desires on to these little guys (the disc can hold 80 minutes of music or 700 mb worth of storage) and send them off to the lucky person of your choice!

Made by artist Atherton Lin and are only $6 each. (We only have two left!)