Friday, February 3, 2012

our current favs // staff picks

{From left to right// Triangle Earrings/$45/Lumafina. Cube Necklace/$28/Seahag and Walrus. Amethyst Necklace/$55/Solis Jewelry. 5 Year Diary/$24.95. Foret Fragrance/ $45/Olo. Happy Anniversary/4.50/Hello Lucky. Sparkle Ring/$60/ Jesseca Anne. Turquoise Ring/$48/Lumafina. Cuff/$54/Brehan Todd}

Hello! Candace here. We have a lot of pretty stuff here at Icon, so it's hard for me to choose only a few things, but nevertheless I present you with some of my personal favorites. I wear the Foret fragrance by Olo everyday, it smells like a delicious forest. It makes me very happy! 

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